Staff & Students

Contact Address:

Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp, Centre for Research and Conservation

Koningin Astridplein 20-26, 2018 Antwerp BELGIUM

+32 3 202 4551

Research Staff

Zjef Pereboom | Manager Research and Conservation
Jeroen Stevens | Senior Researcher
Peter Galbusera | Senior Researcher
Philippe Helsen | Postdoc Researcher
Nikki Tagg | Project Director 'Projet Grands Singes'
Kristel De Vleeschouwer | Project Director 'BioBrasil'
Barbara Fruth | Project Director 'LuiKotale Bonobo Project'
Francis Vercammen | Zoo veterinarian
Jeroen van den Hurk | Laboratory technician
Jacob Willie | Research Coordinator 'Projet Grands Singes'
Donald Mbohli | Development Coordinator 'Projet Grands Singes'
Sandra Nauwelaerts | Associate Postdoc Researcher
Linda Van Elsacker | Director Research & Development


PhD Students

  • Charles-Albert Petre | University of Liège, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech | Investigating the role of gorillas in forest maintenance and regeneration. More on ResearchGate
  • Denis Ndeloh Etiendem | Free University of Brussels | Feeding ecology of Cross river gorillas: An evaluation of ecological and social factors influencing Cross river gorilla survival in Cameroon. More on ResearchGate
  • Glenn Borgmans | University of Antwerp | Assessment of objective Welfare indicators for Amphibians and Reptiles in a captive Environment.
  • Katja Wolfram | University of Antwerp | Mate choice and patterns of adaptive variation in Eurasian black vultures: An assessment using MHC and olfactory receptor gene analysis
  • Mark Blooi | Ghent University | Chytridiomycosis in amphibians: Designing a efficient treatment protocol and defining the mechanisms of host-specificity. More on ResearchGate
  • Mélodie Dieudonné | University of Liège | Anthropology, Conservation and Development: Analysis of practices and representations of local populations affected by the implementation of the conservation project "Projet Grands Singes" in the Dja Reserve in Cameroon.
  • Nicky Staes | University of Antwerp | The role of neuropeptides as a proximate base for (pro)social behaviour: inter- and intraspecific comparison of bonobo and chimpanzee. More on ResearchGate
  • Nima Ragunathan | University of Liège | Factors affecting seed dispersal, tree establishment and resource availability for endangered frugivorous primates in southern-Bahia: defaunation, matrix connectivity, and climate change. More on ResearchGate


Field Staff BioBrasil

  • Kristel De Vleeschouwer PhD | Project Director
  • Becky Raboy PhD | Associated Researcher, Project Consultant
  • Leonardo Oliveira PhD | Associated Researcher, Project Consultant
  • Josinei da Silva Santos | Research assistant
  • Lilian Silva Catenacci MSc | Researcher, veterinary assistance
  • Michaele de Souza Pessoa MSc | Associated Researcher, Project Consultant
  • Samantha Rocha | Research technician
  • Suzane Dias de Souza BSc | Data management, veterinary assistance


Field Staff PGS

  • Nikki Tagg PhD | Project Director
  • Bernadette Bayimbe | PGS Logistical Support
  • Luc Tedonzong | Research assistant
  • Jacob Willie | Research Coordinator
  • Donald Mbohli | PGS development coordinator
  • Honorine Nyanda | PGS Housekeeper


Honorary Research Associates

  • Adinda Sannen PhD | University College Sint Lieven, Sint Niklaas, BELGIUM
  • Hilde Vervaecke PhD | University College Sint Lieven, Sint Niklaas, BELGIUM
  • Kristin Leus PhD | IUCN SSC Conservation Breeding Specialist Group  Europe | EAZA
  • Philippe Jouk PhD | RZSA
  • Verena Behringer PhD| Max Planck Institute Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, GERMANY
  • Dalia Amor Conde PhD | Max Planck Centre for Demographic Research, Odense, DENMARK
  • Pieter Oliehoek PhD | Wageningen University, The NETHERLANDS


Previous Staff Members